HofParkett GmbH German Company’s longitudinal and transverse one-layer engineering boards belong to the elite class parquets. Engineering boards include all the advantages of massive boards and parquets, without the deficiencies of these. Engineering boards are stronger than parquets and less inclined to alterations compared to spatial flooring.


HoftParket GmbH . Luxury one-layer parquet boards


10 advantages of HoftParket engineering boards::


1. The ability to complete the order in 7 days,


2. Exclusive opportunities to develop parquet options,


3. Non standard sizes of standard boards,


4. “Select” class parquets,


5. Opportunity of special connections,


6. Valuable species of solid wood 5 mm wide,


7. Surface processing options,


8. UV varnish coating of flooring with high adhesive surfaces,


9. Duplication protection,


10. The opportunity of own backup program.


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