ELITE PARKET store offers you several types of hardwood flooring to suit your vision of space and functional needs. Parquet, provided by our store, is divided by grades of wood and its structures. All of them are made from different a wood, each of which is more suitable for certain conditions and may perform some or other decorative features.

When you buy flooring in our store, you can take the help of our skilled workers, who will install flooring. We install flooring, as provided by the customer on the drawing as well as selecting the appropriate drawing in our own view, coordinating it with the customer.

If you need an environmentally friendly floor covering, which will provide a high level of heat and sound insulation, and at the same time emphasize the depth and richness of texture of natural wood flooring from the array.

Parketnie raboti Parketnie raboti Jatoba

For the difficult climatic conditions with humidity level drops, we will advise you two or three-layer parquet boards, which look a little different from the solid. In two and three-layer parquet is used heavy-duty polyurethane hot-melt adhesive, which preclude the bundle of parquet in the most demanding conditions.