Floor Selection

First of all you have to decide with what type of flooring you need for optimal use. Types of floor coverings vary in quality and properties of the operation, because flooring is more suitable for the living room and for kitchen would be more appropriate linoleum and laminate.

ELITE PARKET offers you a wide selection of quality floor coverings made ​​of wood, linoleum, vinyl and laminate of premium quality. We provide the parquet flooring in the form of a massive, two-layer and three-layer board, covers with genuine leather and natural cork.

 It has been gone the days when the entire apartment laid out the same type of flooring. Modern design solutions suggest using different types of coatings, not only in different rooms with different functions, but also in one of the rooms.

In this area it is traditionally taken to divide rooms into three categories: operating room, loop and rooms for rest. Accordingly, for each of these types of rooms there are certain floor covering.

Stein Uni-Rot Silver-Line

Our consultants will help you choose the right one for each of the premises. If you need to change the cover in the corridor, it will be optimal for a laminate that is easy to clean and wears off later than parquet. For the kitchen, which is considered a working premise we can offer you linoleum or laminate coating in conjunction with the insertion of the tiles to be laid out under the sink.