Construction and Design floors

When choosing flooring it is very important to determine the design of flooring of your home or other premises.  After all, the entire floor has to suit with your preferences and harmonize with the interior space. The professional installation of the floors is very important, which will help laying to become more economical and higher quality.

ELITE PARKET is ready to provide these services to its customers. Our experts are ready to offer their services as in the case with an empty room, where the design work on the interior is just beginning, and in the case the interior is furnished, when you need to fit harmoniously into the existing design.

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Becoming a client of our shop you enlist the help of experts that will help you find the types of floor coverings for the office and walk-through, as well as facilities designed for relaxation.  We are ready to pick up not only the most suitable type of coating and advice a design, but to make a top view drawing of the floor, which will contain notes on the scale, the geometric parameters and the most convenient direction of stacking.

This service will help you to more holistically submit the final appearance of the premises and thus help you to decide how to use every part of the premises. Depending on this, our staff will help you with choosing the type of coverage that would be better suited for this type of room.

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