Vinyl flooring → Galleon

  • Article: 36 017 41
  • Material: Vinyl & Cork
  • Cover: Lacquer
  • Colօr: Brown
  • Size: 1164 x 194 x 10,5
  • Collection: Vinylcork
  • Brand: Granorte
  • Sorting: Natural
  • Construction: Vinyl & Cork Floating Floor
  • Price: 25000 dram/sq.m

Product description - Galleon

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The appearance of the tiles and plates in all collections of Granorte can be represented by a natural or painted veneer cork. Coatings Granorte are based on natural products, which makes them more attractive and makes it possible to use them in any type of décor without the fear ever go out of fashion. Cork floors Granorte are safe because they do not slip, and they are often chosen as flooring in homes for the elderly or children's rooms. You do not need to worry about static electricity discharges with these floors. Granorte coatings also are well protected - they are made for long usage, even if they are placed at the site of intense walking. Taking into account all the above, we can say that coverage Granorte - is "the best that nature has done."

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Laminate Pergo - is true Swiss quality laminate flooring. Bases of all activities of the brand are two statements: the excellent quality of the laminate, and concern for the environment. Floors Pergo 80% consist of natural wood, which provides unique performance characteristics of laminate, produced under this trademark. At the company's plants are never used toxic substances or species of wood that are on the verge of extinction.

WARNING! To achieve best results of laying laminate «Pergo», use a special substrate under flooring.

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  • Material: Vinyl

  • Colօr: Black

  • Price: 34000 dram/sq.m