Laminate flooring → Blonde Oak, 3-strip

  • Article: 72015-0831
  • Material: Laminate
  • Cover: Natural
  • Colօr: Nordic-blonde
  • Size: 1288x195x9
  • Collection: Living Expression/Classic plank
  • Brand: Pergo
  • Sorting: 32
  • Construction: Laminate flooring
  • Price: 27000 dram/sq.m

Product description - Blonde Oak, 3-strip

Swedish laminate Pergo - Living Expression Collection is designed for public areas with ordinary wear and heavily used residential spaces. Huge selection of different designs will impress even the most sophisticated buyer. This collection includes 93 unique types of flooring in 8 categories.

Technical characteristics.

Impact  resistance:  The  unique multi-layer construction of  TitanX TM Advanced surface together with a dense core material provides very  high impact resistance for handing  dropped  objects and high heels.

Scratch resistance: Cover features an extra protective layer, which provides the highest scratch resistance.

Antimicrobial properties: Adding a floor covering of silver ions prevents bacteria and viruses.

Impact Sound Reduction: Most Pergo floor have built-in compact Sound Bloc technology with sound blocking layer attached to the underside of the board and reduces sound " drum sound".

Fire safety: The surface Pergo floor has a natural  high  resistance to fire thanks to its multi-layer construction. This combined  with the core's density allows for faster heat dissipation(Cfl-s1).

Interlocking system: PerfectFold / SmartLoc   ease of installation. Simply load floor sticking tongue in groove lock.

Ease of maintenance: Resistant  to dirt, easy  to maintain and easy to clean. Dense lock connection prevents the ingress of dirt.

Wear Resistance: class 32. guarantee for 25 years in residential use.

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Laminate Pergo - is true Swiss quality laminate flooring. Bases of all activities of the brand are two statements: the excellent quality of the laminate, and concern for the environment. Floors Pergo 80% consist of natural wood, which provides unique performance characteristics of laminate, produced under this trademark. At the company's plants are never used toxic substances or species of wood that are on the verge of extinction.

WARNING! To achieve best results of laying laminate «Pergo», use a special substrate under flooring.

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