Laminate flooring → Palazzo Pitti Oak

  • Article: ESP8-111
  • Material: Laminate
  • Cover: matt
  • Colօr: Beige
  • Size: 1285х240х8
  • Collection: Silver Palazzo
  • Brand: Eurofloor
  • Sorting: 33 AC5
  • Construction: Laminate flooring
  • Price: 18000 dram/sq.m

Product description - Palazzo Pitti Oak

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Smoked Oak EGC12-620
Smoked Oak

  • Brand: Eurofloor

  • Material: Laminate

  • Colօr: Dark Chocolate

  • Price: 18000 dram/sq.m

Oak solid silver EEP 832
Oak solid silver

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  • Colօr: Gray-beige

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Natural Oak, 3-strip 72115-0896
Natural Oak, 3-strip

Swedish laminate Pergo: Domestic Extra collection oriented first on domestic areas with normal wear . The collection includes five categories of coatings, differing from each other as the size of the board, and a variety of visual effects. The collection includes more than 45 laminate decors.

Technical characteristics:

Impact  resistance  The  unique multi-layer construction of  TitanXTM  surface together with a dense core material provides very  high impact resistance for handing  dropped  objects and high heels.

Scratch resistance: The surface has an extra protective layer, which provides the highest scratch and scuff resistance.

Antimicrobial properties: Adding a floor covering of silver ions prevents bacteriа  and viruses.

Fire safety: The surface Pergo floor has a natural  high  resistance to fire thanks to its multi-layer construction. This combined  with the core's density allows for faster heat dissipation(Cfl-s1).

Interlocking system: PerfectFold / SmartLoc  - ease of installation. Simply load floor sticking tongue in groove lock.

Ease of maintenance: Resistant  to dirt, easy  to maintain and easy to clean. Dense lock connection prevents the ingress of dirt.

Wear Resistance: Class32. guarantee for 20 years in residential use.

  • Brand: Pergo

  • Material: Laminate

  • Colօr: Beige

  • Price: 24000 dram/sq.m