Massive board → Mahogany

  • Article: 21-130
  • Material: Mahogany
  • Cover: Oiled
  • Colօr: Mahogany
  • Size: 21x128x116/146/176/206/236
  • Collection: Not set
  • Brand: Berthold
  • Sorting: Select
  • Construction: Massive board
  • Price: 0 dram/sq.m

Product description - Mahogany

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Cabreuva 5373-0054


Ribadao - the unique floor coverings from exotic wood. Wenge and garapa, ipe and cumaru, sucupira and tiger wood, white American oak and sapelli, Brazilian oak and the bosse, American walnut and pahiloba, and much, much more - all is Ribadao. The choice of exotic is unusually wide for every taste, color, texture, interior design. The manufacturer does not embellish, does not tint and process the wood to change the colors and textures (except for the application of protective and decorative finish coating oil / wax or varnish at the factory). Only natural wood, natural textures and colors. The choice of massive board Ribadao - a selection of unique, extraordinary designs, exclusive interior, status, and, of course, comfort and aesthetics that may be offered only by natural wood.

  • Brand: Ribadao

  • Material: Wood

  • Colօr: Russet

  • Price: 59000 dram/sq.m