Brands of our production

  • Coswick
  • Ribadao
  • Granorte
  • Magestik Floor
  • Pergo
  • Karelia
  • Berthold
  • De Pino
  • Lewis & Mark
  • Marco Ferutti
  • Романовский паркет
  •  Komodoor
  • Pedross
  • Eurofloor
  • HofParkett
  • Gerflor
  • Премьер Паркет
  • Polarwood

Block parquet

Oliva 0-009

Price: 80000 dram/sq.m

American Walnut 5371-92
American Walnut

Price: 60000 dram/sq.m

Palissandre 5371-91

Price: 60000 dram/sq.m

The most popular type of flooring is still a piece of natural wood parquet. In our shop Elite Parket you will find wide range of parquet from different wood, different ways of cut and level of thorough selection.

Provided by Elite Parket, our skilled specialists will carry out the installation of parquet and lay out the picture that you want. Remember that the picture of parquet laying determines the overall atmosphere in the room and can highlight the subtleties of the interior.

Our consultants will help you choose the type of parquet, which will be best suited to the operational environment in which you are going to carry out its laying. The performance of the parquet is largely dependent on the method of cutting. Thus the radially sawn parquet is more resistant to mechanical stress and temperature variations than the tangential and mixed.

When choosing parquet also be attentive to the kind of wood it is made from, because from that depends the hardness and wear resistance of floor covering. The main criteria of the periods of operation and the possibility of rounding are the thickness of the flooring.