Brands of our production

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  • Magestik Floor
  • Pergo
  • Karelia
  • Berthold
  • De Pino
  • Lewis & Mark
  • Marco Ferutti
  • Романовский паркет
  •  Komodoor
  • Pedross
  • Eurofloor
  • HofParkett
  • Gerflor
  • Премьер Паркет
  • Polarwood

Parquet equipment

Many-hit device for nailing -H330



Intended for installation of flooring made from solid hardwood with adapters for floor thickness 13-26 mm. The system allows to "drown" the nails are not completely clogged with the first blow, keeping the exact location for application of additional strokes. The system allows for both the board and tightly fit to drive nails.

Using of L-shaped nails the ergonomic design and ease of device increases productivity and reduces fatigue. The aluminum construction adds durability.

Standard solid parquet 3/4 "(19 mm) to 1/2" to 33/32 "(13-26 mm) requires an additional adaptation stand.



• L shaped nails form
• Trigger which needs no adjustment
• Light weight, improves maneuverability
• Wide composite prop to increase stability and reduce damage to the factory finish
• Ergonomic, comfortable grip
• Quick and easy access to care
• Weight: 5 kg, height: 451 mm, length: 365 mm
• There is an 1.6kg weighing infallible hammer in collection.



High-performance nailing for laying floors- P240


Is a pneumatic tool designed for professional installation of flooring from solid hardwood floors with adapters for 13-26 mm thick. Has a larger area to strike - you can use a hammer to any angle, requires a weak hammer blow for full installation piece.

• Standard hardwood floor 3/4 "(19 mm).
• Cover 1/2 "- 33/32" (13-26 mm) requires an additional adapter (not included in collection).

• Innovation vent Primatech, that does not require oil in service
• The L- shaped nails.
• Compact design for use near walls.
• Ergonomic and comfortable handle.
• Shop with a quick download and a spring feeder nails.
• Includes scratch-resistant hammer weighing 2.8 pound (1.3 kg).
• Weight: 5 kg
• Height: 451 mm
• Length: 327 mm
• Capacity: 110 nails
• Pressure: 80-100 pound for each inch
• Grease: a few drops once a week. Only the oil without detergents.


Primatech Q 500 hand-held device


Primatech Q 500 hand-held device designed specifically for thinner hardwood of 10-16 mm.