Brands of our production

  • Coswick
  • Ribadao
  • Granorte
  • Magestik Floor
  • Pergo
  • Karelia
  • Berthold
  • De Pino
  • Lewis & Mark
  • Marco Ferutti
  • Романовский паркет
  •  Komodoor
  • Pedross
  • Eurofloor
  • HofParkett
  • Gerflor
  • Премьер Паркет
  • Polarwood

Sports flooring




The modular floor SPRING PORTABLE is suitable for facilities in which depending on the need the surface of the floor space has to change. The SPRING PORTABLE flooring is great for record number of sports, dances, sports, for various ball games, as well as for exhibitions and public events. The installation of Spring Portable modular floor is very easy. Due to an aluminum locking mechanism the floor can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The strong cell modules protect againstthe shock and during storage on each other, they are placed in a small space.




The SPRING flooring is suitable for almost all sports. Three-layer parquet board Karelia and three-elastic frame create SPRING floor maximum cushioning and springiness. This feature helps to reduce the load on the player's feet. The structure of three-elasticframeandlaying it at an angle of 45 degrees gives the floor a flat area and point elasticity, which ensures optimum ball bounce.




The SPRING COMBI flooring is used for sports facilities, which are not needed to use the parquet. An elastic epigastric framework established cross-elastic plywood flooring, which subsequently laid the finishing material. The structure provides an excellent cushioning, smooth area and point elasticity, also the ball bounce.




The two-elastic SPRING ACTION flooring structure, where surface option can choose according to the further use of the sports facilities. Floor height frame is low and hard. It is well suited as a basis for gaming and general use, among other in schools, classrooms and exhibition rooms where the floor falls heavy loads.