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Mosaic parquet

Oliva mosaic 0-008
Oliva mosaic

Price: 0 dram/sq.m

Oliva mosaic 0-007
Oliva mosaic

Price: 0 dram/sq.m

Oliva mosaic 0-006
Oliva mosaic

Price: 0 dram/sq.m

De Pino Parquets is in Italy, in the region of Calabria, which rich of its high, centuries-old olive groves. Due to this particular qualities of the region, the company specializes in the manufacture of floor coverings from olives. The De Pino products design is original and exclusive, differ of its high quality, easy installation and cares, so because of this the product in great demand for residential and commercial premises.

The olive-wood is very decorative - it has a light-brown, honey hue with characteristic irregular dark rays. It is dense, oily, little affected shrinkage, easy to grind and polish.

The Elite Parket company is happy present to the market the high quality DE PINO flooring from solid olive.