Паркетная доска → OAK FP 138 ROCK SALT

  • Артикул: 1011061466076111
  • Материал: Дуб 1 полосная
  • Покрытие: Матовый лак
  • Цвет: Серый
  • Размеры: 14x138x2000
  • Коллекция: Story
  • Бренд: Karelia
  • Сортировка: Select
  • Конструкция: Трехслойная паркетная доска
  • Цена: 40000 драм/м²

Описание товара - OAK FP 138 ROCK SALT


One of the main properties KARELIA flooring is durability, which is an indicator of strength of wood from damaging. High quality flooring Karelia has a three-layer structure. The front side is made of solid hardwood timber, and for the middle and lower layers are applied slow-growing Finnish conifers. Strong, but flexible structure is designed so, that Karelia flooring maintains an excellent appearance for decades. Wide range of colors Karelia flooring  allows  create absolutely anyone interior and the stereotype that the parquet flooring - the prerogative of the classic interiors are gradually receding into the past.

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